Friday, March 18, 2016

Tombstones of Northern Alachua County

I have always enjoyed exploring cemeteries. I know some people find them creepy, while others find them depressing. In contrast, I find them peaceful; if you’re someone who is into desolation, cemeteries are great places to spend quality time avoiding live humans. And tombstones fascinate me. Today’s post contains some photographs of the more interesting older graves I’ve seen in northern Alachua County over the past month.

If you head north from the town of Alachua on 235, take the left fork onto 241, and drive north a little way, you will come to the St. Matthews Cemetery on your right. The oldest graves I found there were from the early 1900s, and the complete list of tombstones can be found here. These are the ones I found to be the most picturesque:

From St. Matthews Cemetery we headed east: east of LaCrosse and south of Brooker to the Rhuta Branch Cemetery located off NW 192nd Ave. The sign on the paved road states that the cemetery dates to the late 1800s. While the oldest grave in the cemetery is indeed from 1863, the majority of the graves are from the mid to late twentieth century. The complete list of graves at Rhuta Branch can be found here.

Rhuta Branch Cemetery is located at the end of this road.

According to the hand-lettered sign in front of the St. Johns Church off 239 southwest of Worthington Springs, it was founded in 1877. The oldest gravestone I found was dated 1887, although at this cemetery it was the newer stones I actually found the most fascinating:

There was no labeled tombstone related to the concrete puppy-in-a-bag.

And not to alarm anyone, but.....

Okay, I am certain that these are gopher tortoise holes. Or the undead. 

A big thanks to JOM of GravelCyclist for helping me find these places!

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